Student Resources

MUSIC used in class

SKIRTS we wear in class

FINGER CYMBALS (zils) (Liz might have some available for purchase in class)


ATS® Steps & Concepts that we cover in Level 1 (Beginner class)

Dance Posture

Gratitude Mediation

Taxeem – slow

Hand Floreo – slow

Arm Undulations – slow

Egyptian Step – fast

Formations for Duet

Finger Cymbals (zils)

Bodywave – slow

Arabic Step – fast

Formations for Trio

Torso Twist – slow

Pivot Bump / Choo-Choo / with Arm 1 and Arm 2 – fast

Circle step – slow

Shimmy step – fast

Formations for Quartet


Fast song playlist for Level 1

Toura Toura (The Nav Deep Remix) World Electronic Beats by Cheb i Sabbah

Hosanii Oo by Helm

Country Dance by Sirroco

Dayate Maali by Helm and Fat chance

Kako Kolan by Helm and Phil Thornton

Raqset iL Olall by Helm

Sout with Spice by Helm

Bounce by Solace

Reed Dance and Festival of Spring, Dayanisma – Beauty in Unity

Luxor Baladna – need to look up artist

Slow song playlist for Level 1

Aman by Michael Askill with Omar Faruk Tekbilek

Chaharmezrab by Helm and FCBD

Country Dance by Sirroco

Halawa Ya By Mahmoud Fadl and Khamis Henkish

Hicaz Oyun Havasi by Helm and FCBD

Sexy Chifti Raquy and the Cavemen

Song of Complaint by Askarian and Khatchaturian

Weeping Tree by Solace

Beto Baharon by Helm and FCBD

Arawan by Tinariwen