Current 6-week Beginner Session is from January 4- February 15!

NO CLASS on January 18th.

Classes are located at The Dance Foundation

1715 27th Ct South, Homewood, Al 35209

Classes are ages 12 and up

What is American Tribal Style® Bellydance?

American Tribal Style® Belly Dance (ATS®) is an elegant system of steps danced with partners in duet, trio or quartet formations. Using cues, transitions and musical phrasing, we create improvisational choreographies to use for personal practice or performance. There’s something for everyone in ATS®!
How do I join a class?
New students start with Level 1: ATS® Dance Fundamentals Drill It! and Dance It!, before adding Level 2: ATS® Tribal Combinations. Drop in or email us ahead of time at to streamline your check-in process.
Getting Started – Level 1: ATS® Dance Fundamentals, Drill It! and Dance It!
In this on-going class series, you’ll learn the basic system of ATS® in a fun and supportive environment.Dance Fundamentals will have you dancing in your very first class! Each one-hour class is divided into two sections:

  1. Drill It! – Learn the basic movements of ATS® with minimal verbal instruction and lots of following along, committing the steps to muscle memory with fun workout-style drills.
  2. Dance It! – Experience the magic of ATS® and learn how to use the basic steps to dance with partners in duet, trio and quartet formations.

You can start the Thursday on-going class series at anytime and drop-in for drills and review.

Thursdays, 6:15–7:15 p.m. (arrive 10 minutes early)
$15 drop-in or $55 monthly


The Next Step – Level 2: ATS® Tribal Combinations
Expand your ATS® vocabulary and learn how to build dance combinations.

After you get acquainted with the ATS® system in Dance Fundamentals Drill It! and Dance It!, build on the basic movements with Tribal Combinations. Learn a new step each week and challenge yourself with teacher-guided combinations in duet, trio and quartet formations.

This twelve-week series of one-hour classes is best enjoyed concurrently with Dance Fundamentals. Six weeks of Dance Fundamentals are required before beginning Tribal Combinations.

Thursdays, 7:15–8:15 p.m.
$15 drop-in or $95 monthly for level 1 and 2

Prerequisite: At least six weeks in Level 1 and instructor approval.


We’re also available for private lessons and group parties! email us at